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Just want to say I love this. I work for Mollie Makes magazine and we'll do some PR for you today :)

I've just pinned it, Kal, and shared on Facebook - what a great approach!!! Thanks for continuing to bring such an important idea to the forefront.

Love this idea...but just to clarify..are you asking us not to repin but to go to the original source and pin it from there?

Its been blocked ? I can't get it to pin at all


I could not get it to pin using the "pin it" button so I used my own pin it tool and that did the trick. Good luck with this, Kal!

So is pinning from a blog unacceptable? That isn't the original source but usually links to the original source... confused!

Thank you
so much!

is always fine - just make sure what you are repinning has a
link to the original source.

from a blog is not unacceptable if that blog is showing original
content. If youre pinning an Ansel Adams photograph from a
Tumblr blog that does not link back to the original Ansel Adams
photo... then thats not cool.

right - it wasnt working. What a bummer. Its all
fixed up now and should keep a running tally of the pins. THANK YOU
- for spreading the word.

That's a good point, have you launched 'the tumblr project' yet?!! To be honest I blame tumblr for a lot of the 'mess' you mention!

The pin it button didn't work and my own pin it button said there was no content to pin. I would love to support you but can't seem to.


frustrating. Im working on it. I thought I fixed it. Ill try

Didn't work for me either. I re-pinned. Happy Love Day!

Yeah. Im
not having any luck fixing it. BUMMER.

I figured out that my browser wasn't seeing images because i was on networked blogs. When I switched to your actual site i could use my own pin it button. But the red icon pinit button doesn't. I think it's a typepad issues. I can't get the button to work on my blog either.


Done! I pinned it from the main blog URL (linkwithlove.org) but now I'm going to go back and change the link to the specific post URL -- because that's what I like to see when I check the source of an image (and I will hunt it down and change the link on my pin if it wasn't done that way!).

Repinned and added a link back to this blog!

Repinned from you because I realised the pinning tool I use (on the iPhone) wasn't linking back to the original blog post. Looking back at some of my recent pins this has happened before so I need to go back and edit some stuff. Annoying but I am very glad to know about it as an image is only truly useful if it links back to the original content. I see plenty of pin spring cleaning coming my way.

Done! Thanks for caring about this issue so much.

I know that I pin things that I see on Pinterest and sometimes don't click the link until later as I'm pouring over new things. It irks me when I wind up having to go through several pages to finally find the correct source, but when I do, I edit my pin.

I think when I get some more time on my hands, I'll sit down and go back through my pins, board by board, and make sure they're all pointing back to their original links. But it will take time on everyone's part.

Thanks for the reminder.

Done! I pinned this to all 50 of my boards...I hate it when I click on a link that I like and it doesn't go to the source! I know I have some of those, but I won't do that anymore. And I will leave that link a comment on that as well...hopefully Pinterest will find a solution because I LOVE it!! Thanks for the graphic and the effort you are investing!

I am half way through slowly going through all my boards to check that everything I have already repinned links back to the original owners of the images. I just like pins now instead of repinning them automatically. I then repin my likes after checking their sources. It has taken the fun out of pinning, but there is no point having images on boards that don't lead to their original owners. I am so glad you are trying to help change the way people use other people's images online. If anyone wants to search & see if their own images have been used by other people online, you should read http://pinterest.com/pin/248049891946047382/ & find out how to search for an image. It is a great tool to find the source of any dead end pinterest images/pins too!

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