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Thank you
for taking the time to get it done. Im sorry it was harder than
just one click. THANK YOU.

Very cool
to know about the iPhone Pinterest pinning not linking to the

ok... i pinned to all of my boards.. i have a tweet going out at 11:30 and will post on fb as well :) hope it makes a difference!

It's a shortcut I have bookmarked in safari on the iPhone. The fault seems sporadic so it may be my mistake. I'm still trying to work it out.

p.s. i will be going through my boards and checking links too

done. <3

Sorry, but this is short-sighted. What happens to all the artists, photographers, graphic designers and just plain creative people who ARE the original source of their uploads? How is Pinterest going to know? And what about all of those badly-run Flickr and Tumblr accounts, the ones where it isn't at all clear if the account owner is the artist or a fan? Trust me, those are the MAJORITY of those accounts. I know, because I spend WAY too much time trying to figure out the IDs of original artists.

I love this. I always try to look for the original source. I need to go through my boards and do this.

So what happens when I upload my own content directly to Pinterest? Are people going to stop pinning it because it doesn't link to an original source?

You are the original source if its your created content so I dont understand your question.

Sent via iPhone.

I joined pinterest just to pin this!
I had requested an invite this weekend- I wasn't sure when/if I would join but this is the reason I've done it!
Thank you-
And I hope that this will spread the word.
Let's keep doing it until they hear our voice!

Should we then NOT be repinning at all.
Becaues repinning sends people to the person who pinned it before us not to the original source page....
Even if the person you have repinned it from has the item linked to the original source?

I LOVE this!!! I think it's fantastic that people are being made aware of the problem. I blogged about this about three or so months back. I got mostly positive comments and people saying that they weren't even aware of the problem, but would be conscious of linking to original sources from there on. However, at the same time, I was absolutely SHOCKED at the number of people with "I don't care, it's not my problem" types of attitudes. People like that infuriate me...they want to take and take and take, but don't want to give one iota. Hopefully there will be enough of us who DO care and who DO respect the property of others to make a huge difference.

Thanks again!!! I'll be passing this information on.

I didn't even realize until a few days ago that sometimes, when you right click and add a pin, that it doesn't link back to the original site. I learned the hard way (when I pinned 90% of the images from my own blog!) I'm slowly working through all my boards to hunt down and add the source urls to them. I would never want people to stop pinning my stuff because it has been a great traffic source, but you're right, pinning them *correctly* is really important!

is perfectly okay as long as the pin you are REPINNING links to
the original source. Does that make sense? If you click on their
pin and it takes you to the original source of the file - then
that pin has been started correctly and can be continued. If you
check for the source and there is none - then dont repin it.

Thank you!!!

I love this more than words can say. Brilliant. I've been writing Pinterest netiquette posts and trying to explain what we as pinners can do, but it needs to come from both ends. We need to keep this conversation going.

So what if someone deletes my pin of something I created and uploaded (because it's not linked to a web page)? Please review your post and revise for original work that is just uploaded to pinterest and may not have a link.

Your post
would say uploaded by user. You would be fine as
long as it was original content - which is something you would want
to put in your description. PS. Using pinterest as a
harddrive/portfolio is not a stable platform for ensuring work.

A few people have asked here about pinning their own original work on Pinterest. I do this all the time. The trick is to put your name, mark, logo whatever, on the image. I used never to do this so my blogs are full of images by me that don't have my mark, though I always give myself credit just under the image. Now I'm in the middle of going back through five years of posts and putting my name on each image. It's a drag, but I've found my stuff in the weirdest places with no attribution. Including on Pinterest.

Right now I'm using Pickik to put a quick name on images, but they are going out of business soon. Photoshop is fine, too, but much more cumbersome.

Hope this helps.

Liza aka Small Equals (my business name and my pinterest name.)

Sorry...that was *picnik*

Great suggestion for them to do!!

I appreciate the sentiment behind this project -- people have posted my photos online with no credit or link back to my site and I find it frustrating too -- but I'm not sure you understand the magnitude of what you're asking.

Could you explain exactly what it is you want Pinterest the company to do? Do you want them to programatically detect that a pin doesn't link to it's original source? That's really, really hard and the software would make a lot of mistakes.

Do you want Pinterest staff to police the site looking for pins that don't link to the original source and then delete them by hand? Leaving alone the fact that that would require an army of staff that a small start-up like Pinterest probably can't afford to hire, I don't think that's a workable solution either. I feel like I'm a conscientious pinner who tries to link to the original source every time I post and I frequently have a very difficult time determining who created projects. What about when someone pins one of my photos from a site other than my own when I have given that site owner permission to use my photo? Would Pinterest automatically have to delete that pin? How would they know I had given that site permission? Wouldn't they err on the side of caution and just delete it? That scenario starts sounding an awful lot like censorship to me. Personally, I would rather have more people exposed to my site and my work and a few photos go uncredited than ask Pinterest to start censoring their users.

I don't mean for this comment to sound overly harsh, because I do sympathize with the sentiment behind this campaign. I just feel your time and effort would be better spent concentrating on your original efforts to educate Pinterest users about how to use the site responsibly. Pinterest can't solve this problem for us. Our community needs to solve it by changing our behavior.

I agree with the idea (and have pinned this), and do try to check that everything I repin either has an original source, or edit it to have one. But I would like a clarification. If I take a picture from my camera and upload that to Pinterest, there is no original source to link back to, the image is 'uploaded by user'. Should those be deleted too?

No. As long as you are not taking pictured OF other pictures or art.

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