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Hi - I just wrote a long blog post about this, here:


Thanks for addressing this! I love your Link with Love site

I am slowly going through all my boards to check every pin I have links back to the original source. I only repin after checking their sources.
Someone has stolen a pattern of me that I have published for free and he or she earns money with it. So I know how bad it feels. Glad you started this campaign.

Good idea. Also - stop spamming the "free gift cards" nonsense!

Okay, for example: Today I pinned to a site that had photos of ikea products that will be coming out soon but are not available. The blogger had a preview. Is this acceptable? There is nowhere I can link to. I mentioned they are ikea items and when they'll be available, as does the blog I pinned from. I think it's promotion for Ikea, but I don't know if I'm breaking some unwritten rules.
I guess maybe written rules are needed!
Also, the issues mentioned here seem to be a lot different than the issues raised in the linked blog, Lovelife. Based on her blog, I can't see how it could possibly be legal to sell photos you don't own. If the person who gave away the rights never had them to begin with, they can't transfer them. Or at least that would be the SANE way to write the laws!

Repinned just now...I agree so wholeheartedly and hope that, together, we can bring about change.
Peace & Love,

I agree - just getting involved with pinterest and I do love the ability to make inspirational boards for ME but was worried about intellectual properties issue (I am a photographer and unbeknowest to me some of my photos had made their way to pinterest) I have posted this on my pinterest boards -

It is super frustrating not being able to find the correct link to an image! I have spent hours before backtracking to find the original source and like many others edit my pin afterwards...

one thing I have noticed as well is when people delete pins they no longer want, the URL often disappears for those that have repinned the image... that seems like a major problem for me...

now when i encounter iheartit or tumblr pins i delete them pretty much instantly (except if they have been repinned)

I hope we can encourage more responsible pinning so contributors can reap the rewards instead of going along unnoticed

Thank you for this! It has been a growing concern of mine also with so many pins without proper links. I pinned your graphic without a problem this morning and will check to see if all of my pins have proper links.


thank you for making me think about this... I think this is an 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff' response. I think, perhaps.., that we should turn things around and say - you know what? if you put something on the internet, let it fly and be free. If you want to guard it, then don't. Pinterest, is not for people's commercial purposes, it is for one's own enjoyment and enhancement of creativity. When we cut out images from a magazine and paste them on a board, should we know who took them? Or just enjoy them..? The fashion industry knows no copyright, actually it embraces sharing and it is the largest of all the creative industries. Now I do agree that you should not plagiarize. But pinning is not claiming an image for oneself, it is simply enjoying the image and maybe being inspired by it. I love it when i find my images are being used and enjoyed!! If it's on the internet, and you put it there, for all to see and to share, then be happy we liked your work. We thank you for sharing..
oh well.. those are my thoughts anyhow :)

Shared ... in the crafty LSS business we see so much-- makes me scream COPYCAT! I know it is a form of flattery -- yep till the door closes! My door closed ...

After having several my recipes post by others with no credit giving to me, no link back and claiming it was their work, I pulled my website board and blocked Pinning via HTML.
My "... and then I ate it!" board now only contains post like this one in protest. Hopefully people will begin to understand what they are doing by pinning un-linked photos, recipes, etc. And just maybe if enough people did it they'd HAVE TO listen and develop a better filtering system for pinning.
Thank you for this, I just Repinned!


thanks so much for being so articulate with the change. just added your buttons to both my blogs!!

Nice pin. I will pin it to my board. We should surely respect content of owner.
Believing in Spreading love + goodness.

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing produced post.

I came across this by a few different clicks and I'm so happy I did. I even work in the legal field (granted, no where near Intellectual Property), but I feel like an idiot I never stopped to think about if a pin I repin is credited back to its original source. I believe in my original pins, that I've always credited back to the original source, but now I need to go through my pin boards and delete what has not been pinned correctly. I know when I FIRST started pinning I was not paying attention to copyrights, disclosures, etc. and since I've started my own blog, it's changed my pinning etiquette, for the good.

However, I would like to know your stance and approach on pinning recipes. I do many recipe and food posts on my blog, many of which I've gotten from other blogs that have been further altered in some way. I'm wondering how "far back" one must go to properly give credit to someone for a recipe?

Thanks for all of the info and the "Link with Love" buttons. I just added it to my page right by my "Follow me on Pinterest" gadget :)

I'm in and have pinned. Good project. I love those who fight for copyright owners like me. Thanks

Yeah, I'm a bit frustrated with not being taken to the original source or worse yet, to something that is blocked by my antivirus/malware program. Kinda worried to about pinning something that's copyrighted. Lots of good stuff to find, though, like your blog!

A much needed campaign to educate all about the importance of respecting original work AND the copyright laws which protect. Not sure that giving credit is enough...permission for use is the only way to go.


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